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The Wilhelm Foundation works with helping children who suffer from undiagnosed brain diseases, which means that despite these children being so sick, they still lack a diagnosis.

Some of the children are born perfectly healthy, but fall ill some time during their first years. Followed by this they develop severe neurological symtoms which grow worse over time without anyone knowing the reason for this! Many children die.

Other children are born into severe illness.

What both groups have in common is that they both suffer from an unknown brain disease – one without a name! There is no medicine, no prognosis, no prenatal diagnosis and no knowing whether the disease is inherited, since no one knows what kind of disease they are dealing with.

Your gift helps right away by the Wilhelm Foundation’s Silver Lining! The picture shows Noel who received an Ipad thanks to the Wilhelm Foundation’s Silver Lining!

Wilhelm Foundation also works with spreading knowledge about the existence of these diseases.

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